Hello City, you've found an enemy in me

these people arn't your friends..

The museum of us
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Why does Jacksonville Florida Suck?
Things are bad all over. At least that is the general consensus.

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3)try to tolorate other peoples opinions. or leave.
4)If you are going to show your ass, expect to get flamed.
5)Racism and sexism are unacceptable - will be banned.
6)If a person deletes their own post, no one is permitted to re-post it (AKA: Don't be a douchebag). In case's where an admin deletes a post, they may repost it with a link to the origional poster. (This is only to be done in cases where the origonal post needed to be under an LJ cut).

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Thinking about getting rid of a pet? use this template
I have a ((insert your pet species here)) and I absolutely ((insert loving term here)) it. The only problem is ((insert your problem here)) and we just can't keep ((insert gender of pet here)) anymore. I feel very ((insert emtion here)) that we can't keep this ((insert adjective here)) ((insert noun here)).

((insert "WDJS I know you guys think im an idiot for buying an animal that I can't care for on a regular basis" disclaimer here))

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