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Labor Ready

So I'm without a job, for a few months now, and no matter how many places I apply to I can't even get a phone call back.

I'm defeated, frustrated, and desperate.

I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with Labor Ready? I've never done any kind of day labor stuff before and I'd like to know what to expect.

Thanks in advance...
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Breast Cancer Fundraiser July 25, 2009 in Orange Park FL

My awesome coworkers have spent the last 2.5 months organizing a fundraiser for Breast Cancer research.  They did this all in secret and I only found out about it two weeks ago.  The event will be held this saturday, July 25 from 11-3pm at the Chik-Fil-a across from the Orange Park mall in Orange Park FL.  There will be a dunking booth, bouncy house, snow cones, arts and crafts, a car wash and much more. 

Everyone is invited to come out and have some fun and help raise $ for the Donna Foundation.



Here's a shot in the dark: Anyone hiring? My last job downsized and closed the Jacksonville office, and three months on, I can't even get an interview. Depressing. I'm looking for anything from food service to retail to customer service to data entry. Thanks, guys.
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dancing in jax

Hi again guys,

I was wondering if anyone knew of any dance nights in town featuring music such as rockabilly, motown, swing, etc. I lived in Gainesville for awhile and they had a super "Twist-n-Shout" night that played that kind of stuff and it was SO MUCH FUN. I can't seem to find anything on the internet about it locally, and I have my doubts, but maybe someone here knows of something? Thanks!

- Andrea

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so my friends and i always enjoy searching for the statues around town, and we would like to search for the turtles, but dailys still dont have the maps. where have you seen the turtle statues? or even better, do you have a map that you could scan for me?

comcast vs direct tv

hey all,

i haad a question for anyone here who might have experience with, preferably, both of these companies in the jax area. i am sick and dang tired of comcast raising the price every single month, and am considering making the switch to direct tv. however, i've read some unfavorable things about losing reception during rainy weather, which as we all know, we get a lot of here around here. do any of you have experience with this and can give me some insight as to whether the switch is worth it? thanks!

the oughts (aughts?)


the 00s are about 90.someodd% Complete. What WAS this decade? I want to know what we will look back on in 20 years and think? iPods? Myspace/Facebook? DVDs? The Bush years? The Internet? What about fashion and movies and stuff? Terrorism? In 1999 I was able to look back on the decade with nostalgia even that early. But in 2009? I don't know for sure... ?

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if this isnt allowed, please feel free to delete! and i do apologize ahead of time!

im currently collecting empty giftcards, of any sort, from any store, even in duplications. im wanting to make bracelets,charms, and guitar picks for gifts for some friends and family members. ill gladly pay for shipping via paypal, or we can meetup somewhere. so if you ahve any laying around that you dont want,please help me out :]
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For those of you into the local music scene:

Yesterday Barbie, the lead singer of the band Rubbing Down Debbie, died. She spent nearly two weeks fighting for her life in the ICU unit.

While she was still alive there were 2 benefit concerts planned to help with the medical costs. All the proceeds from these will be going to the family. I would like to spread the word about them.

The first one is May 30th at The French Quarter:

The second is June 28th at the Pit with:

Coda (Led Zeppelin tribute band)
Ghostwitch Family Band