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WARNING: Gator City Taxi will RIP YOU OFF.

I am posting this review on every review site I can think of, and figured that you fine citizens here deserved to see it as well. This taxi company charged $143.83 to my credit card for a 6 mile ride and $17.08 fare (including tip). I have now been reading some other reviews and it seems like I am not the only one this sort of thing has happened to. So if you are going to take a cab, DO NOT USE GATOR CITY TAXI/JACKSONVILLE YELLOW CAB. (904) 355-8294 is the # so whatever they are calling themselves, if you are calling for a cab, DO NOT USE THAT NUMBER.

Here is my review with the whole story:

"On Friday night, I was doing the responsible thing and not getting behind the wheel after I'd had a couple beers out with friends. I needed to get to a different bar nearer to my house where I was to meet my neighbor for a ride back to our neighborhood. I called a highly reviewed taxi service first, but their credit machine was down and I didn't have quite enough cash to get to where I was going six miles away. They gave me the number to "Yellow Cab" whose number is the same as this Gator City Taxi so I assume they are one in the same. I told the Gator dispatcher I would be using a card and he said that was fine. The taxi arrived in the timeframe quoted. The driver was a bit creepy and drove wildly. I told him I would be using a card and he was quite annoyed. I told him that his dispatcher said it was fine and he started going on and on about how they get charged to run credit cards (like that is my problem. HELLO THIS IS A BUSINESS.) I was upfront about the fact that I did not have enough cash to both pay for the ride and leave a tip, which I figured would make the guy glad that I wasn't being a jerk. Anyway, we got to the destination and he went and got the machine out of the trunk. He swiped my card twice and wrote me a receipt for the $14.08 plus $3 tip that I told him to give himself. The receipt clearly totaled $17.08. I wished him goodnight and went inside. This morning, Saturday, I checked my bank account and was shocked to see "JACKSONVILLE TRANSPORT $143.83" in my card holds. I immediately called and was told there was nothing they could do. The person I spoke with was VERY rude and acted annoyed with ME that I had the AUDACITY to call them when they overcharged me $126.75. He said call back Monday and maybe someone could help me. I then immediately called my bank and explained what happened, and THANK GOODNESS they are able to intercept these THIEVES and make sure that $17.08 is all they get. Also thank goodness I have my receipt which I have to fax to the bank, even though it doesn't even have the company name on it which is very suspicious to me. Hopefully this all works out. The bottom line is DO NOT use this company if you are paying with anything other than cash. And considering the other reviews, I'd say don't use them at all."
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