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okay, need some recommendations and opinions please :]
im looking to get a few thigns done to my car, and need help!

keep in mind ive got a 96 toyota camry thats in great condition for its age, im just lookign to cosmetically touch it up..

paint job - im keeping the same color, dont want anythign custom, just white... i hear maaco is good but sometimes paint had a rough texture, or bubbles.. but i also hear a little bit of good.. what about carsmetics?? or any other place?? im not wanting cheap and crappy but affordable and still good... $500 maybe?? i know you get what you pay for but im not looking to spend more than that really...

exhaust - ive got a hole in my exhaust and my muffler is getting loud, so id like to replace... ive heard pep boys, midas [bonus,they offer lifetime warranty on it] and rainbow mufflers are all good... advice??

window replacement- one of my windows is shattered [backseat triangle window] ive got a new window already, just need it installed.. im assuming i can get it replaced wherever i get my car painted, but does anyone know a cheap place who would do that so i can compare a price to wherever i get it painted??

window wiring - my driver window fights with me..electric motor, and the motor is fine, as well as the buttons, and the lift.. my doors been taken apart several times to try and fix the issue, and my dad says its a wiring problem.. but cant find it... know any place that can fidn the problem cheap and fix cheap??

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Planet Radio is dead.

For those of you who are active:

Did you see this coming? Are you happy? Are you angry? Do you agree that it's messed up that they didn't give their employees notice until right before the switch(I'm going by hearsay on this one)?

Dish Network experiences here in Jax?

Hey guys,

So I have signed up for Dish Network starting next week and am starting to get a little worried about reception and weather. Is there anyone here in Jax who has Dish Network who can give me some feedback on your experience with it during our summers of torrential downpours and thunderstorms? I'm starting to get really worried that I just roped myself into two years of missing my favorite shows because the "sunshine state" is so often cloudy and rainy. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!

Jax Natural Foods Buying Club

Does anyone have any information (besides the website) about the Jax Natural Foods Buying Club? I came across their website yesterday and spent a bit of time reading about it, but would like to get some first-hand (or second-hand) info before I make the leap!
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new to jax area

I know this has probably been covered a million times, but I didn't see much in the tags or memories. I'm new to the area (from Texas) and I don't know anyone here, so I was wondering if some of you would be kind enough to share some restaurant recommendations with me. I'm specifically looking for good Mexican, Thai, or Vietnamese food, but any of your favorite restaurants are welcomed.